About Me

Hi, I am Mogana Gnanasekaran, the person behind Made by mona. I am a YouTuber and a bridal makeup artist based out of Chennai.

I have always had this huge passion for makeup but the only biggest hurdle or problem is the society that I grew up in. I consider makeup as an art, as a fun way, something that changes my mood and pushes me to be productive. Being a dark-skinned girl, I have been through lots of criticisms, comparisons, inferiority complex. Makeup helped me to understand that I don’t need a mask to love myself. I truly started to understand me better, it made me understand how  naturally beautiful I am and how I am not to be compared with anyone except me.

I started watching lots of makeup tutorials. sometimes pretended me to be a YouTube beauty guru in front of my mirror but one fine day I thought why should I not give it a shot of being a real beauty guru in an international social media platform like YOUTUBE. Exploring makeup for dusky skin has been a great challenge for me and I loved it so much. I ended up with lots of discoveries and I was wishing to share it with the world in a thought that it might help another dusky queen to conquer her makeup world.

So, I started my youtube channel MADE BY MONA in March 2017 and I did makeup tutorials, shared makeup, skincare, haircare tips and guess what my hobby of making videos turned into a passion. At this stage, I was purely self-taught in makeup filming and editing. I was working for an IT firm after finishing my BCA graduate when I started my youtube channel. I used to film early in the morning before I get ready for my work and edit them during travel time to my work. To be honest making videos kept me sane. I now proudly and gratefully say that my youtube family is growing strong with 240k+ members.

In November 2019, I attended a professional bridal makeup class by a well-renowned makeup artist in Chennai, Akriti Sachdev. she inspired me a lot in this makeup industry! I would like to thank her at this very moment! Thank you Akriti! Then I slowly started my phase on bridal makeovers. My mother Jayakumari is a professional beautician herself so she accompanies me for my bridal jobs!

I slowly started my journey in this bridal makeup artistry, my friends and family volunteered themselves as my models for me to promote my work which helped me a lot at the beginning of my career. I always intend on giving what my client requires. But my ultimate moto when it comes to bridal makeup is to enhance one’s natural features and giving the best version of themselves. Not forgetting to mention my family, my mother, father, brother all have been so supportive in this journey of mine.

In August 2019 I decided to take this big leap by quitting my 10-7 job and to be a full-time YouTuber and bridal makeup artist. I am loving this and every day is a challenge for me. I am my best competitor and I am molding myself better to provide the best to you. Be it in my youtube videos or in my bridal works I promise you will get the best out of me!

Thanks to all the followers, PR, brands for the constant support. ❤️

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